Ruby: it's 99.995% Al2O3, 0.005% Cr+3, and 100.00% open source!


Notes from Ruby Conference 2004 (and previous conferences) are available here.

Here's some software I've written in Ruby while learning the language:

RubyTreasures is my pet project that has a lot of nifty toys, ranging from new data types to interesting hacks.

Nodewrap is a library that can marshal Ruby classes and methods across a network.

ROMP (the Ruby Object Message Proxy) is sorta like drb (distributed Ruby), but is a bit faster.

Exceptional Ruby A C++ library for writing Ruby extensions in an exception-safe manner.

RubyCollections A collection of data structures and algorithms for Ruby.

Secret methods for Ruby.

Ruby-irc - A simple IRC bot written in Ruby. It's only 100 lines long!

irc.rb   download

Ruby-rpn - A very simple RPN calculator.

rpn.rb   download

Ruby-latex - A LaTeX module for Ruby.

latex.rb   download

Ruby preprocessor - A C/C++ preprocessor that allows embedded Ruby code.

rubypp.rb   download
test.cpp   download

Ruby libedit patches - Patches for ruby and for libedit (a readline alternative).

libedit-0.3-pb.patch   download
ruby-readline.patch   download

xterm cpustat - A cpu meter for your xterm title bar.

xterm_cpustat.rb   download